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WOO! I am very excited for this year's Yuletide! Thank you so much in advance, I can't WAIT to see what you write! My general request is as follows: write what you want to write. I am going to love literally anything you give me. Everything below is stuff I like, but it's all just suggestions - it's more important that you like writing the story than you follow any exact instructions. So HAVE FUN! And thank you! :D Here are the fandoms I requested:


Characters: Sinbad, Gunnar, Anwar, Nala (note: these are suggestions more than requirements. if you only use a couple of these characters it is a-ok)

Basically, adventure on the high seas. Sexy adventure, silly adventure, plotty adventure - whatever. I would be happy with almost any pairing, but to give you some ideas: Sinbad/Gunnar, maybe even one-sided as per how weirdly intense Gunnar was about Sinbad in that one ep, Sinbad/Anwar which I suspect is going to be the shipping endgame in this fandom and which I heartily endorse, Sinbad/Nala because it is sooo pretty. The only reason I didn't put Rina is because you can't put 5 characters, but I would also be crazy into teamfic, like an OT-everyone situation where everybody is shipmates and family and maybe into each other. XD


Characters: John Luther, Alice Morgan, Justin Ripley, Mark North (note: these are suggestions more than requirements. if you only use a couple of these characters it is a-ok)

During series two I fell hard for Luther/Justin. Like, really hard. I would adore you for writing something about how intense Justin's loyalty toward Luther is, how far it goes, in what ways Luther returns it and how conscious Luther is of how he's crippled Justin's career/life by tethering Justin to himself...

Or maybe a quiet (or violent?) story about how Mark and Luther are connected forever now, post Zoe. Maybe some comforting hatesex in Mark's empty house, that kind of thing.

Basically what I love most about "Luther" are the complex interpersonal relationships, which applies to Luther/Justin, Mark/Luther, Mark/Luther/Zoe, Alice/Luther, Alice/Luther/whoever she is manipulating that day, you see where I am going with this. Anything. In general Alice is perfect and she can be involved to any degree desired.


Characters: Jack Benjamin, David Shepherd

I am STILL CRYING about this show's cancellation. Its biblical overtones, the portentous, grand dialogue it sometimes slipped into, the sense that everyone's lives were acting out a part already written... and of course, Jack. The real reason to miss this show. All I want in life is the story of how Jack seduces David and then hates himself for it, or how David gives himself to Jack and burns away all Jack's self-loathing with his purity and faith, or a post-show look at the takeover and all the delicate power networks that shift or implode when it's David who's king and not Jack, OR ALL OF THE ABOVE. Oh god I just really really want all of their stories. Something with the pseudo-psychic religious omen stuff that happened all the time would also not go amiss.
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Title: Following Orders
Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Pairing: Much/Robin
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: A one-shot in which Much is high-strung, the Merry Men are kind of jerks, and someone gets kissed.
Author's Note: Found in a Google Docs transfer and only just now seeing the light of day!

Story at the AO3.
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Hello! You are writing me a story!! I have way many more things that I like than things I don't like, so this letter will probably be short. But here goes!

Characters: Frasier Crane, Niles Crane
Okay author, I am looking for sibcest here. Not gonna front. This is a pairing I have been curious about for YEARS but have never found fanfic for, which is pretty hard to do for ANY pairing, so I figured I would request some myself. If it is pre-sibcest it is okay. I don't mind little Cranes or show-era Cranes, humor or angst, whatever - I just want some highlighting of how codependent those ridiculous, hyperliterate, stupidly self-involved Crane brothers are. Other than that go nuts.

Characters: Harvey Specter, Mike Ross
If you volunteered for this then this pairing has probably SEIZED YOUR HEART, they are my new favorite boys. I love fics that focus on the dom/sub tinge to their relationship, how in control of Mike's life Harvey is and how utterly Mike would do anything for Harvey. I also love first times. But really, anything that involves these boys and a '/' symbol is going to work great.

Fast and Furious series
Characters: Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner
Slash. Circa any movie. In any city. Whatever. Just smoosh them together, please. I will say that I'm not super into this whole "now we have a baby" storyline, but if you have a hot burn to tell the Dom/Brian/Mia story I don't mind. Heck, your fic might change my mind about it! The only thing I actually don't want is Dom/Brian/Mia where there is Dom/Mia. Brian-sharing only, please. If threesome is where you want to take it. :)

Peter Pan 2003
Characters: Peter Pan, James Hook, Wendy Darling
Jason Isaacs smoldered all the way through that movie, whether he was interacting with preteens or animatronic parrots. I would like a slashier bent on the Pan/Hook relationship. I also noticed some smoldering in Wendy's direction, but if you don't include that I won't be mad.

That's it! Have fun! I am excited!!

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So I went a little crazy with the one picture. Credit hail_d; comments appreciated!

10 variations on a Joick themeCollapse )
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Title: Tertiary
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Five/Turlough, mention of Five/Tegan
Rating: G
Summary: The TARDIS is in a huff.
Author's Note: Written for slodwick's picfor1000 challenge.
TertiaryCollapse )
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Title: A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two That Don't Know How To Forge Documents
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Shawn equivocates for almost a whole day.
Author's Note: In light of 1x11, I am opting for the spelling "Lassy." H's & K's, everybody. H's & K's. Thanks to kiarasayre for having a ridiculous conversation with me about chicken aphorisms. ♥

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two That Don't Know How To Forge DocumentsCollapse )
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Title: Sorry Means Never Having to Say It
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing: Chris/Sam
Rating: PG-13 (correct me if I'm wrong)
Warnings: descriptions of death, a bit of language
Summary: Chris raised his eyes, and Sam must have seen what was coming, because he said, “Don’t – please – don’t say you’re sorry again, Chris, I mean it.”
Author's Note: As requested by naughtyspirit (Chris/Sam, paperwork). Written for the Life on Mars Ficathon.

Sorry Means Never Having to Say ItCollapse )
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Title: Ockham's Razor
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Five/Turlough
Rating: PG
Warnings: extreme silliness and maybe a hint of fluff
Summary: Most things have a simple explanation, if you're not too thick to see it.
Author's Note: Concept inspired by taleya's angsty beauty Misconceptions.

Ockham's RazorCollapse )
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Title: Ouroboros
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Ten/Turlough, implied Five/Turlough
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: light bondage, flagrant abuse of the time-space continuum
Summary: “Turlough!” the man is breathless and sharp-featured, and Turlough has never seen him before in his life.
Author's Note: I'm told this has to be read more than once for optimal understanding. :D Thanks to my trio of beautiful wonderful amazing betas, chaya, sakurazukakami, and theo_winterwood. Happy birthday, kiarasayre!

OuroborosCollapse )
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Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Fandom: The Dead Poets Society
Pairing: Charlie/Knox
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: slight necktie kink
Summary: Charlie wants a favor, but Knox is reluctant to comply.

Practice Makes PerfectCollapse )
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